Small Business Accountant

How to select your Small Business Accountant

So many times we have heard stories about small business accountants. However, there is not much information about how to select your small business accountant. According to many experts, word of mouth referrals are one of the best ways to find a small business accountant. Also interview your prospects and assess your accounting and tax needs; just because a friend had an amazing experience with his/her small business accountant this may not be enough in your circumstances.

Interview your Small Business Accountant

You should meet face to face with your prospects and assess their education, background, experience and personal chemistry. A Small Business Accountant is like a doctor for your business - he/she needs to know everything about your tax and accounting position in order to provide effective and personalized services. How often does the small business accountant return phone calls? What is the professional services fee structure? Is an Engagement Letter detailing the services to be provided to you, available for review and signature? These are only few of the questions to be asked during the interview phase. Most small business accountants offer complimentary meetings for their potential clients - make good use of this opportunity and ask as many questions as you want.

Understand your tax and accounting needs

As simple as it sounds, this is the part where a good small business accountant can make the difference. We have heard so many times "I didn't know about this and the accountant never mentioned to me". However there is a direct relationship between the amount of information shared with the small business accountant and the understanding of tax and accounting opportunities available to clients. A good accountant will provide resources and ask many questions to assess opportunities available to you. An outstanding accountant will try to understand your goals and future plans and offer personalized services for your tax and accounting position.


Spend time to select your accountant. Request a complimentary meeting and ask your prospective small business accountant as many questions as you need. Assess the prospect's knowledge and expertise and most important, see if there is a fit between you and the small business accountant. Your final goal is to select a small business accountant that can build a relationship and advise you for the years to come.

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