Services for Doctors and Dentists

Managing taxes and accounting is an important part of any medical or dental practice. A dentist or a doctor may be very successful in their practice, but they will need professional tax advice to reduce the taxes within the legal limits.

Have you considered paying salaries to your spouse or children? Do you know that their salaries are subject to a reasonableness test that will draw particularly close CRA scrutiny? Do you know that you can make your mortgage tax deductible? There are many other opportunities for doctors or dentists to defer or reduce their overall tax position within the legal limits. Clients recommend us as one of the best accountants for doctors and accountants for dentists.

Your trusted Chartered Accountant provides timely and cost-effective tax and accounting services for doctors and dentists:

By focusing our services on medical and dental corporations we can deliver innovative tax and accounting solutions for your practice. Not only can we help you, the doctor or the dentist, to manage the cash-flow but we also take a multi-faced approach and make sure you are aware of all tax alternatives and opportunities available to your practice. If you are looking for an accountant for doctors or an accountant for dentists look no further, we are here to help you.

Your trusted Chartered Accountantprovides tax and accounting services to doctors and dentists.